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Healeysport Speed Championship

The 'HealeySport Speed Championship' is organised by the Healeysport Centre of the Austin Healey Club (UK) Ltd in accordance with the General Regulations of the Motorsport UK (Incorporating the provisions of the FIA) and our championship regulations.  To see a copy of our championship regulations, go to the Regulations page from the Speed Championship menu.

Cars eligible for the Championship

The championship is open to Austin Healey Sprites, MG Midgets, Austin Healey 100's, 3000's, Healey Silverstone's and Jensen Healey cars.  We have also introduced, a new **Libre class** for modified Sprites/Midgets, Austin Healey 100, 100/6, 3000 and Jensen Healeys that conform to a new set of rules.  These rules will allow drivers the ability to be more radical in the modifications that can be made to their cars and provide a home for cars that previously were not accepted.


There are 4 classes:

  • Class 1 - Austin Healey Sprites - this class is for Sprites that can be from road legal un-modified cars to a reasonable level of modification.
  • Class 2 - Austin Healey 100, 100/6, 3000, or Healey Silverstone's - aimed at unmodified, road legal to fully modified cars.
  • Class 3 - Jensen Healey cars - aimed at unmodified, road legal to fully modified cars.
  • Class 4 - ** New Libre Class ** - this class is for modified Austin Healey Sprites, MG Midgets, Austin Healey 100, 100/6, 3000 or Jensen Healey cars.
Championship Sponsors

Healeysport is actively supported by three highly relevant marque sponsors:

Bill Rawles Classic Cars is a renown builder and restorer of Big Healeys in the UK and sponsor classes 2 and 3 for Big Healeys/Silverstone's and Jensen Healey.

Peter May Engineering is one of the UK's leading engine builders and suppliers of parts for racing and modified Sprites and Midgets and sponsor our Class One - Sprite class and our new Libre class.

Cape International is a major supplier of parts for Healeys and marque restorer of repute, who sponsor our Overall Champion Trophy.

Driver Requirements

Drivers must be fully paid up, valid membership card holding members of the Austin Healey Club UK Ltd, be registered for the championship with Healeysport and be in possession of a valid Motorsport UK licence.

Rounds, Scoring and Prizes

The championship comprises a number of rounds, usually 14 or 15 per year, from which the drivers can decide in which they wish to compete.  The rounds are designated as being either 'Scratch' events, where the fastest driver gains the most points or as 'Target Time' events where each driver is set a target time and the driver who beats their target by the largest margin is credited with the most points.  Approximately half the rounds are set as 'Scratch', with the rest as 'Target Time'.   The Target Time events are popular with our less experienced drivers or those with less modified cars.  With a maximum of 9 scoring rounds counting towards the championship total, a driver can elect to do all Scratch or all Target Time events or a mixture of the two.  Usually, the Target Time rounds are also designated as Trophy rounds where high quality glassware is presented to the top three drivers in each class depending on the number of cars in each class.

At the end of the season there is a Awards ceremony with prizes for the first three drivers in each class, a perpetual trophy for the winner of each class and the prestigious Cape International Overall Championship Trophy for the class winner with the most points/podium finishes.

Championship Regulations, Entry Form and Vehicle Declaration Form

To download a complete set of rules, regulations, technical information and entry form, click here to download 2024 Rules and entry form.  Click here to download a New Vehicle Declaration form.  This form is required to be completed for any new vehicle to the championship.