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Sprint and Hill Climb Challenge

2012 Events Calendar  (all championship rounds are National B status)



Date Venue Organising Club Target Time/ Trophy Wiseman Trophy Rounds Entry Form  SR's
1 March 24 (Sat) Castle Combe (2 lap) BMC     Form Regs
 (Test Day) March 29 (Thurs) Curborough Contact Richard Mason        
2 April 7 (Sat) Prescott BOC     Form Regs


April 22 (Sun) Gurston Down BARC   Yes On-line Entry Regs
4 May 5 (Sat) MIRA BDC Yes   Form Regs


May 26 (Sat) Prescott BOC Yes Yes Form Regs
6 June 17 (Sun) Blyton Park MAC     Form Regs
7 June 24 (Sun) Silverstone MGCC Event Cancelled Yes      
8 July 7 (Sat) Goodwood AMOC Yes   Form Regs
9 August 5 (Sun) Harewood BARC Yes   Form Regs
10 August 12 (Sun) Loton Park HDLCC   Yes Form Form
11 Sept 8 (Sat) Wiscombe Park MGCC Yes   Form Regs
12 Sept 9 (Sun) Gurston Down BARC Yes   On-line Entry Regs
13 Sept 23 (Sun) Shelsley Walsh MAC     Form Regs
14 Oct 14 (Sun) Curborough (1 lap) MAC Yes Yes Form Regs

Note - Wiseman Trophy Rounds apply to Austin Healey 100 drivers only


Other events HealeySport have been invited to but are not counted as championship rounds:

  April 28 Aintree LMC
  May 27 Curborough AMOC
  May 25-27 Jersey Festival Jersey International
  June 9-10 Anglesey CMC
  July 28-29 Shelsley Walsh MAC
  August 4 Harewood BARC
  Aug 5 3 Sisters (2 lap) CMC

Other Motorsport events of interest:

  Feb 24-26 Race Retro Show Race Retro
  June 29-1 July Goodwood F of Speed Goodwood
  July 20-22 Silverstone Classic Silverstone
  Sept 14-16 Goodwood Revival Goodwood
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