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HealeySport embraces all aspects of Healey competition both in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.  Healey Driver International (HDI) was established in 1991 to provide an opportunity for drivers with Big Healeys prepared to FIA standards to race at major circuits in Europe and at the important Historic meetings that are held at those venues throughout the year.  The circuits include Spa, Dijon, Zolder, Zandvoort, Nurburgring and Assen and the races are normally one-hour, single/dual driver, stand-alone, trophy events.

John Gott & Dave Hardy Memorial Trophy Invitation Race - Castle Combe - 6 October 2012

Report and pics : Phil (scoop) Broster

Castle Combe saw the first UK race for purely big Healeys in 2012 and the entry was an impressive twenty one cars, with ten of those cars having dual drivers.  Over thirty racers in all, and it was a great opportunity for all involved to get together again.  There was a truly international field with drivers from the UK, Sweden,  Switzerland and Holland,  and a great weekend to be had by all.

The race was to be run over 45 minutes with qualifying taking place early on a damp track on Saturday morning.  Most people had a trouble free session, although the sad demise of Mark Pangborn reduced the field to 20 runners.  Mark went off early in the session after an issue with a slower car, and once on the wet grass…..!!!

Lap times were down in the damp conditions with some cars sliding around, quite spectacularly.  At the end of the session Eric Woolley was on top with Karsten le Blanc in DD300 just behind.  Then came Jaap Sinke and Anders Schildt (pictured above right) before Dave Smithies (pictured below) and David Grace being the next UK drivers.  Bruce Montgomery was the first 100 ahead of Peter Grant and Chris Clarkson, then Mike Thorne and Harvey Woods in 100M’s.  Jeremy Welch, Anders Lotsengard and Tony Worthington, Robert Rawe 100M, Bill Rawles, Guy Parry Williams, who found his way into the mud without any damage, Jonathan Abecassis, grandson of George, the famous post war GP driver and one time Healey racer, Tom Walker and David Large.

Paddock activity after the qualifying session saw some action though.  Chris Clarkson was by far the worst off here, he had rear brake issues and an oil cooler problem, his crew bypassed the cooler, his brakes! they needed work!  Chris’s day got worse incidentally when his Ford Falcon, he was driving in another race, lost a wheel, or rather broke its centre, fortunately without further damage.  Other guys were just fiddling and fettling and getting to meet old friends after a rather quiet season.

The start of the race saw the parade lap led by another famous Healey, TON 792 driven by Julian Bronson, we had a bit of amusement in that the flashing light attached by an official stayed there until the first corner only to slip and be dragged around the rest of the lap.  It seems magnets don’t work too well on aluminium!!

Woolley enjoyed his spell on pole but it was Schildt who stormed through from row two to lead into Quarry, the first corner.  Woolley was second from Le Blanc/Van Lanschot, Grace/Bianchi, Smithies/Knight, Grant, Clarkson/Williams, Sinke, Welch/Nyblaeus, Thorne in the first of the 100’s, and then a whole gaggle of cars in a mix of sound and colour as they sorted out that first lap.

Schildt pulled a lead from the others in that lap, Clarkson/Williams went straight on at the chicane and when the field came through again the order was Woolley, Le Blanc, Smithies, Grace, Sinke, Grant and Welch/Nyblaeus.  The 100’s battle was taking shape between Thorne and Montgomery (both pictured right), both taking Quarry as one with Rawles/Potter close behind.  Lotsengard, Worthington, the Parry Williams car and Woods were next followed by Rawe, Abecassis, Walker then a gap to Large.  We lost the Clarkson/Williams car that lap, it transpired the gearbox lost third gear and with more damage likely was pulled up.  If Chris didn’t have bad luck he would have no luck at all.  The Le Blanc car got caught out in the confusion and Smithies nipped through into third place. 

By the next lap he was into second leading a great fight involving Woolley, Le Blanc, Grace, Sinke, Welch and Grant.  Montgomery was clear of Thorne and making progress.  Rawe’s car was making a strange noise and he would pull up on lap eight.

Le Blanc was through on Woolley, Welch got ahead of Sinke and followed Grace through to break that train.

The Smithies car was starting to pull in Schildt and Lotsengard, Worthington and Woods were in close formation.  By mid distance the interest was whether Smithies could catch and pass the leader and the rate at which Montgomery was passing people.  We lost the Grant/Yates car to a nasty head-on into the Armco, damaged car but no injury to Andrew Yates who was at the wheel.

This incident brought out the pace car around lap 18, and that’s where the racing stopped!  Bunching up ready for a restart would add some interest you would think, except the pace car picked up the wrong car, choosing to pick up the second placed man and effectively giving Schildt a lap advantage. 

Just before this incident we lost Le Blanc in DD300, the story was that braking hard for the pit stop, the engine pushed forward, enough to send the fan into the radiator and that was that.

The race became a procession, everyone wondering why the field wasn’t called past the pace car and so with that the thought of whether the Smithies car, or anyone else would catch the leader became academic.  There were some big time losers when all this happened, depending on whether you were in the pits, had just pitted or hadn’t stopped yet.   Woolley pitted having picked up a puncture. 

When the race restarted the interest was in Woolley’s co-driver, Dan Cox, who had taken over and proceeded to punch in some fast laps, would he get below 1min 20 sec? No, was the answer! but 1:20.5 was pretty close!

Sinke was a lot closer to the Smithies/ Knight car now and coming into Quarry with just 3 minutes (2 laps) to go he had taken second place from the green car.  The Lotsengard car was slowing allowing people through.

At the flag, Schildt (pictured above with his magnificent trophy) was in the lead from Sinke and Knight in the Smithies car, it transpired that car only had third gear and overdrive for much of the race, so a great result there! In fourth was Montgomery (pictured right receiving his trophy from Neil Hardy) in the 100S, a class winner by far!, Grace/Bianchi next from Rawles/Potter, Thorne, Welch, Woolley/Cox, Lotsengard, Worthington/Woodgate, Guy and Simon Parry Williams, Woods with a broken gear lever, Walker, Abecassis and Large completing the order.

A good race and it was great to get everyone together, well done Joe Cox.  It was spoilt possibly by the pace car, but entertaining for the crowds as always.  It was nice to see a strong European contingent here.

The weekend wasn’t over, we all met up at a local hotel to have supper, drinks and a bit of a jiggle, well, for some!  Oh, and the awards, presented by the evergreen Colin Stokes.  Everyone left next day saying ‘we must all do this more often’  We must!

Many thanks to the sponsors of the event - Julian Bronson (Bristol Forklifts) and to David Smithies for their contribution to this excellent and memorable event.

Below is a group picture of all the drivers who took part (plus a few extras) but to see all the pictures from this event - click here












The Syd Segal Memorial Trophy - Silverstone 5th June 2010

Words and pics : Phil (scoop) Broster  

Silverstone provided the venue for the 2010 Syd Segal Memorial Trophy - a 50 minute, two driver  race for Big Healeys on the full Historic Silverstone circuit.  The first was run in 1991 the year after the tragic loss of Syd Segal.   So this being the twentieth anniversary it provided a fitting backdrop for this classic Big Healey event, the last of which was held at Thruxton in 2008 and was won by Bruce Montgomery who seems to be the perennial holder of this trophy.  The MG Car Club supported MG live meeting gave us a race in conjunction with Historic British Sports cars, so we would have a race within a race, and 15 Big Healeys would mix it with Jaguars, Astons, MG's et al!  An exciting prospect.

The entry had regular Healey Championship contenders David Grace, Dave Smithies, Chris Clarkson, Eric Woolley, Peter Grant/Drew Cameron, Tom Walker teamed with Allan Cameron in their 3000’s. Paul Campfield was in his 3000, likewise Richard and Mike Knight.  Mike Thorne and Mark Pangborn were in 100M’s.  Bruce Montgomery was having a rare outing and of special note were the original Sebring car 54 FAC (pictured right), which has been in storage for years and is now campaigned by Jetze Visser who brought the car over from Holland, and of course SID 1 (originally owned by Syd Segal), in the hands of  Anders Lotsengard and Mats Svanberg from Sweden.  Another overseas visitor was Nils-Fredrick Nybleus in his 3000.  Finally, Aston racers Tony Worthington and Nick King were in another 3000.  Worth a mention is our own Harvey Woods whose Healey was poorly so he entered his Ashley Midget!  But he played in the Paddock with us.

Click here to read the rest of the report, results and pictures from this fantastic event.

The Le Mans 24 Hour Classic -  9-11 July 2010

A total of 16 Healeys raced at the Classic Le Mans meeting during 9-11 July 2010, with nine cars in plateau 2 (for cars built between 1949 and 1956) which in Healey terms incorporates the Healey 100M or 100S and seven in plateau 3 (for cars built between 1957 and 1961) which this year included a lone '61Sprite amongst the 3000's and Tim Rogers famous 100/6. 

The top Healey in plateau 2 was the 100S of the Peter Thornton led team of three which finished up an excellent 6th on scratch out of the 75 cars in the plateau, two place better than in 2008 but 24th when the performance index was applied.  The top finisher by compensated times was the Beaumartin/Rochat 100M, who came in 7th.

In plateau 3, the Dutch Healey title champion team of Rinus and Jaap Sinke in their world-renowned primrose yellow Healey with green stripes took the top Healey honours finishing 6th on scratch out of the 77 cars in the plateau, one place better than in 2008 and 13th once compensated.  They were also the top Healey in plateau 3 when all the times had been compensated, so yet again, an excellent result for them.  Also racing in plateau 3 was the world famous DD300, the ex John Chatham car now owned and driven by Christiaen van Lanschot and Karsten Le Blanc which finished 13th on scratch and 19th when compensated.  Jetze Visser and Hans Van De Kerkhof drove the ex-works ’63 Sebring car 54 FAC (pictured below) to 17th place on scratch and came 46th once their result had been compensated.  For the first time a 1961 Sprite raced in this plateau, driven by the Marty/Legeleux/Cazalot team and they finished a creditable 56th out of the 77 starters but were placed 33rd once times had been adjusted.

The complete list of Healey drivers and their cars can be seen in the table below.

To see a superb selection of pictures supplied by Rinus Sinke click here.

For more information about this year's event go to the main organiser's website or to the Dutch Healey Competitions website


Grid Driver(s) Nationality

Car Details

Final Positions
      Model Year Scratch Compensated
2 P Thornton/D Garrett/A Willmott GB/GB/GB 100S 1955 6 24
2 X Beaumartin/P Rochat FR/CH  100M 1955 8 7
2 Auzanneau/Twaites FR/GB 100M 1956 22 36
2 Friscia/Deleplanque/Meurisse IT  100M 1954 24 18
2 Troussier FR 100M 1955 27 21
2 Lanternier/Lecomte Du Nouy FR/FR 100M 1956 41 35
2 Massini/Morel   100M 1956 54 46
2 Wells/Hughes/Smarda GB 100M 1954 61 61
2 Nyblaeus/Petersson   100M 1955 62 66
3 R Sinke/J Sinke NL/NL 3000 1961 6 13
3 E Perou/Steppani FR/FR 3000 1961 10 32
3 C Van Lanschot/K LeBlanc NL/NL 3000 1960 13 19
3 Visser/H Van De Kerkhof NL/NL 3000 1962 17 46
3 T Rogers/D Smithies GB/GB 100/6 1956 19 22
3 L Caron/Guyot-Sionnest/Schreder FR/FR/FR 3000 1961 38 41
3 Marty/Legeleux/Cazalot   Sprite 1961 56 33


John Gott Memorial Trophy Race  -  Silverstone 11th July 2009

Words and Pictures by : Phil (Scoop) Broster:  phone : +44 (0)7912 537640

The John Gott Memorial Trophy race at Silverstone was to be the highlight of the Healey 50 celebrations as far as the race fraternity was concerned and with an entry of 32 ‘Big’ Healeys was the biggest gathering of racers ever seen.  Under the auspices of Healey Driver International it was just that, with entries from Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands together with just about every available track car from the UK adding a truly international flavour.

The race was to run for the best part of an hour, with driver changes for some and compulsory pit stops for those without a nominated co-driver.  It would mean around 30 laps of the 2.25 mile International circuit was on the cards, plenty of room for the big cars to stretch their legs!

Click here to read the rest of the report, results and pictures from this fantastic event.

John Gott Memorial Trophy Race Souvenir Poster

Phil Broster has produced a souvenir poster featuring all 32 cars and drivers who competed together with Peter and Ann Riley and Jack Sears with DD300 and UJB143 in full colour.

Measuring approx 500mm x 330mm it would be ideal for your workshop or office wall.

This lovely item costs £9.00 including tubed postage to any UK address.

A limited number (20) are available signed by Jack Sears for £20.00

To secure your copy of this excellent reminder of a special day, contact Phil Broster on +44 (0) 7912 537640 or email him on



The Le Mans 24 Hour Classic - 2008

The Le Mans Classic is held every two years with the last event held on 11-12-13 July 2008 at the world famous 24-hours circuit of Le Mans, where 5,000 classics and 50,000 people came together. There were numerous stands with automobile memorabilia, a classic car auction and a large number of famous cars that had previously participated in the gruelling 24-hours race.  It was a must for anyone who appreciates endurance cars and racing.

Eleven Austin Healeys took part in the 2008 Le Mans Classic, with five cars classified by age in Grid 2 (1949-1956) and six in Grid 3 (1957-1961).  Each grid had three races over the 24 hour period with one being overnight.  The results shown below list the Healey entrants, their overall position after the three races and their adjusted or compensated position once a handicapping coefficient has been applied to the expected performance of the car.  As you will see, in some cases the driver benefits by the compensation and others do not.

The top Healey in Grid 2 was the 100S (RWD132) of the British trio Peter Thornton, Jeremy Welch and David Garrett who finished an excellent 8th overall which unfortunately became 30th once adjusted.  They just beat the 100M driven by Mike Thorne and John Todd by 40 seconds after racing for nearly two and a half hours.  However, once the times had been adjusted the Thorne/Todd car moved up to an excellent sixth place overall, out of a total grid of 69 cars.

In Grid 3, the Dutch trio of Rinus Sinke, Jaap Sinke and Hans Van de Kerkhof yet again brought their yellow 3000 home first amongst the Healeys in a very creditable 7th place on scratch (up from 13th place in 2006) and 21st once compensated.  The Perou/Duval/de Stoppani 3000 was 9th overall which was a great improvement on their 2006 placing.

The following table highlights the Healeys that ran in the event, the drivers and their final scratch and compensated positions:

Grid Driver(s) Nationality

Car Details

Final Positions
      Model Year Scratch Compensated
2 P Thornton/J Welch/D Garrett GB/GB/GB 100S 1955 8 30
2 M Thorne/J Todd GB/GB 100M 1955 9 6
2 X Beaumartin/P Rochat FR/SUI  100M 1955 14 13
2 H Mann/D Smith GB/GB  100M 1954 23 16
2 Troussier FR 100M 1955 44 34
3 R Sinke/J Sinke/H Van De Kerkhof NL/NL/NL 3000 1961 7 21
3 E Perou/F Duval/E de Stoppani FR/FR/FR 3000 1961 9 24
3 C Van Lanschot/K LeBlanc NL/NL 3000 1959 13 27
3 T Rogers/D Smithies GB/GB 100/6 1956 14 30
3 R Marcquet/M Renavent FR/FR 3000 1960 21 35
3 F Deschanel/P Liechti/L Caron FR/CHE/FR 3000 1961 41 49

To find out more - click here to go to the Healey Meets Le Mans 2008 website.  Also, check out the report and results of the 2006 event by looking further down this page.

Syd Segal Memorial Trophy Race - Thruxton 24th March 2008    

Report and pics by : Phil (scoop) Broster  (email at or tel: 07912 537640)                         

To celebrate forty years of motor car racing at the Thruxton Aerodrome and Race Circuit, Healey Driver International was invited by the BARC to produce a grid of racing Healeys (100/4, 100S, 100/6, 3000 and Silverstones) for this most important and spectacular two day meeting.  Our race was The Syd Segal Memorial Trophy Race and comprised a 45 minute scratch race on Monday 24 March (Easter Monday) in the headline slot during the mid-afternoon session, with qualifying practice on Sunday 23 March.  Drivers came from overseas and around the UK to take part in this spectacular event. 

To read the report and see the pictures from the event click here


Horneland Rally  7- 8 March 2008

In March 2008, 10 UK crews picked up the gauntlet to take part in the Horneland Rally, a superb route, mostly intended, all around the countryside and rally tolerant villages of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

To read Mike Spindle's second excellent report and see Jan-Peter Ambaum's pictures click here.


"Putting the hammer down in Thor's own country"

A fascinating tale of  a Healey 3000 and its crew in the 2007 Classic Rally Association’s ‘Viking Marathon’,  Norway.

Click here to read the witty report and see some super pictures supplied by Mike Spindle


Goodwood Revival Meeting  -  September 2007

By Phil (Scoop) Broster   (

Another year gone and my second visit to Goodwood, not the plethora of assorted Sprites to greet me this year but the splendid atmosphere of this unique event certainly continues to grab the imagination on arrival.  This year ‘Haurel and Lardy’ were around creating havoc, ‘Glam Cabs’ were back, there was music everywhere once again, plus the regular NAAFI huts with tin mugs, ‘mess’ tents and the period dress for the participating crowd, which incidentally, seemed to be well up on previous attendance.

There was a new ‘Art Deco’ garage built for this year with a superb display of 50’s classics, and countless refreshment areas from Champagne and Oyster bars to fish and chip wagons, something for everyone. 

Then there was the racing of course. The Paddock with its array of historically important machinery was superb, with celebrities mingling with the public and getting as close to the cars as they wanted.  There were countless Ferraris, E Types and eight Cobras, including Daytona Coupes, one of which was the replica made by the John Willment team in the 60’s.  These were all going to be driven by star names as well!, and there, tucked in the corner, Healey 100S RWD 323, the sole Healey representative for the weekend.  You may remember the performance I described last year in the hands of Johnny Herbert, and this year she was to be piloted in the ‘Freddie March Memorial Trophy’ by none other than Stuart Graham, winner of the T.T. on both two and four wheels. 

Before that race we witnessed a splendid ‘St. Mary’s Trophy’ for 60’s saloons which saw a host of ‘star’ names driving production saloons of the day, very reminiscent of the support races for a Grand Prix when stars like Clark and Hill would mix it with regular saloon contenders.  The likes of diminutive Arturo Merzario, Rupert Keegan, Marc Surer, Derek Bell and of course Stirling Moss, to mention a few, racing door handle to door handle in superb style.

Then the ‘Whitsun Trophy’, a race for ‘big bangers’ of the period.  Lola T70’s, Ferraris and Mclaren M1B’s, Ford GT 40’s et al!  This saw a superb battle between Ray Bellm in his Shelby GT 40 and Frank Sytner’s Lola T70 Spyder, which only came to an end when the unfortunate Sytner under steered across the circuit into the tyres towards the end of the race.  This wasn’t as bad an accident as Julian Bronson had when he lost control of his immaculate McLaren M1B and cart wheeled into the tyre wall, bits flying everywhere.  He walked away from a frightening accident which left a sad looking, very bent racing car.  This incident had brought out the red flag for a re-start which had seen Bellm and Sytner fight for position in both parts.

Then came the ‘Freddie March Memorial’ and from the start Stuart Graham was not hanging about in the Healey, he was fourth in the opening stages, making short work of an Allard to climb to third after the first lap.  His driving of the car was superb and within a short while he was catching an Aston and lining up second place.  The commentator was ecstatic and the crowd were on their toes as Graham dived through to secure second place.  Then he set off to pull in the lead car, he was getting the hang of this Healey and it showed in his style through the chicane.  Down came the gap, 4 seconds, 3 and a half, then within 2, could we witness a Healey win here.  Then the backmarkers came into play, suddenly the gap was back to 4 seconds but within a lap Graham had it back to under 3.  This was another superb race.  The laps reeled in but with slower cars on the track now it looked clear that he wouldn’t pull off the win, barring a mishap to the leader.  As the flag came out Graham took a superb second place, he had taken the Healey fight to the front and proved that this car can motor, once again beating much stronger competition, as had Herbert last year.

This was the last race on Saturday, all that was left to do now was wander the market stalls in search of bargains, or sit and have a splendid pint whilst watching the world go by.  There was no rush, no need, this is an event to savour and…it is 1950 after all!! 

To see a selection of some of the excellent pictures taken at Goodwood click here.

To see the reports and pictures from previous Goodwood Revival events click here.


Le Mans Classic - 7th, 8th and 9th July 2006

Fifteen Austin Healeys took part in the 2006 Le Mans Classic, with eight cars classified by age in Grid 2 and seven in Grid 3.  Each grid had three races over the 24 hour period with one being overnight.  The results shown below list the Healey entrants, their overall position after the three races and their adjusted or compensated position once a handicapping coefficient has been applied to the expected performance of the car.  As you will see, in some cases the driver benefits by the compensation and others do not.

The top Healey in Grid 2 was the 100 of Swiss trio Dominique Vananty, Olivier De Siebenthal and Alain Vuarnet who finished an excellent eight overall which became seventh once adjusted, beating the 100S driven by Mark Knopfler and Max Wakfield by just under 2 minutes after racing for nearly two and a half hours.

In Grid 3, the Dutch trio of Rinus Sinke, Jaap Sinke and Hans Van de Kerkhof brought their yellow 3000 home first amongst the Healeys in a very creditable 13th place on scratch and 21st once compensated.

The following table highlights the Healeys that ran in the event, the drivers and their final scratch and compensated positions:

Grid Driver Car

Final positions

      Scratch Compensated
2 D Vananty/O De Siebenthal/A Vuarnet Austin Healey 100 8 7
2 M Knopfler/M Wakfield Austin Healey 100S 9 34
2 T Rogers/ E Woolley Austin Healey 100/6 13 35
2 X Beaumartin/P Rochat Austin Healey 100M 14 9
2 M Thorn/J Todd Austin Healey 100M 18 11
2 R Hope/A Wells/K Wells Austin Healey 100M 33 18
2 F Eloy/JP Druguet Austin Healey 100M 37 19
2 G Troussier Austin Healey 100M 48 40
3 R Sinke/J Sinke/H Van De Kerkhof Austin Healey 3000 13 21
3 E Perou/F Duval Austin Healey 3000 18 26
3 JP Schretlen/RJ 'T Hoen/P Schretlen Austin Healey 3000 19 29
3 JP Humily/T Humily/D Gouedard/JP Melocco Austin Healey 3000 48 49
3 L Caron/R Caron Austin Healey 3000 54 56
3 F Augis/M-L Jobert Austin Healey 3000 55 53
3 K LeBlanc/C Van Lanschot Austin Healey 3000 67 68



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